Ike's Family Tree


FDR's note appointing Dwight Eisenhower as Supreme Commander

Hitler's sketch of the plans for the Berghof

D-Day plans with pages similar to the ones that might have caused a security breach

Part One of the Map of German Defenses on 6 June 1944 - Part 2 is below

A classified document that was part of Operation Neptune

A map of the Bunker at the Chateau of La Roche'Guyon

Ike's D-Day Message to the troops

Ike's draft of a message if the landings failed

Vera Lynn Plays the Blackpool Palace - August 1944



Ike's Message that the war  in Europe ended at 0241, 7 May 1945

Above - Original letter from Schellenberg  Below, the translation for the Nuremburg Trials

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