Supreme Commander Eisenhower (center) with - Left to right -
Lt Gen Bradley, Admiral Ramsay, Air Chief Marshal Tedder, Gen Montgomery, 
Air Chief Marshal Leigh-Mallory, Lt Gen Smith  

 The Brits get a visit from King George VI

Beetle Smith and secretary

Kay Summersby with Telek

Ike with Lt General Mark Clark
Ike with his two "vices"- coffee and cigarettes

GIs in a Horsa Glider

One of the tanks of Patton's Ghost Army meant to mislead the Germans 

The Enigma Code Breakers at Bletchley Park

Mission Debrief

A visit from King George VI

Typical 8th Air Force Bomber Crew

Ike and Butcher enjoy a light moment 

Ike with P.M. Churchill

Ready for the crossing

Churchill visits the RAF

General Eisenhower with General De Gaulle (6'5" tall)


American GIs at a pub

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