Railway car from a past era

Railway car compartment

Bus parking at Tarrant Rushton

Arado Ar-232 German transport

Arado Ar-232 in flight

British DH-98 Mosquito 

DH-98 Mosquitos ready for a mission 

DH-98 "Mossie" cockpit 

Glider tugs at Tarrant Rushton

The mighty B-17 Flying Fortress on a bomb run


BMW Motorcycle with sidecar - similar to that used by the Gestapo agents

Motorcycle similar to the one Phil and Ed used. 

Renault  Mona Quatre - one of the escape cars

Some of the 600,000 Jeeps produced for the war effort -- on their way to France

The German version of the jeep was the kubelwagen.

Peugeot 601 -- the large escape vehicle

Horch 108 used in pursuit

Rommel's Horch staff car 

Boat similar to Le Pegase

Interior of Le Pegase

Kay Summersby with Ike's Staff Car


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