This site offers images related to a book with the working title, "The Other Eisenhower," by
Augustine Campana and Marco Di Tillo.  The story is woven around a set of actual events
that occurred just prior to D-Day, 6 June 1944.  Many of the characters and most of the 
story locations are based on historical fact. 

The tale, originally conceived by Marco Di Tillo, takes the reader on an exciting  journey 
filled with plot twists, suspense, and  danger, all experienced by an innocent postman 
who just happens to have the last name, "Eisenhower."

The adventure begins quite innocently in London, and after a security breach 
at the War Office in Whitehall, progresses to an air base in the English countryside,
then on to Germany, Holland, and Belgium.  The climax begins in France where 
some high intrigue occurs in Laon, Paris, Rommel's headquarters at La Roche-Guyon, 
the River Seine, and Le Havre.  All the while, we look in on the progress of Allied plans 
for the invasion of Europe, as well as the plotting and scheming of Nazi leaders
to learn those plans.

  Although the photos used here may not depict exact events and circumstances
in the story, they are meant to give you a taste and better understanding of its 
characters, situations, locations, and ambience. 

The writers hope you enjoy this site
and that it will prompt you to read the
book when it is published. 

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Copyright 2011 by Augustine Campana and Marco Di Tillo